"I ended up having my daughter according to MY plan. I ended up feeling so accomplished & proud of my birth! I know if I didn't have Susi helping me through it I probably would have gave in & taken the drugs. That's what a good Doula does! She encouraged & aided me! Thanks Susi!"
- J.B. Moreno Valley, Ca


"Susi was wonderful for my prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. I LOVE that she's originally trained as a masseuse, really made all three stages so much easier. She gave great tips to get me over some rough patches, and of course her in-person help during the birth was fantastic. My husband felt really comfortable with her too, which was important. Can't recommend her highly enough, she is great at her job and I feel fortunate we were connected."
- N.F. Berkeley, Ca


"Great experience with Susi.  She made me feel at ease (as much as possible) and supported during a LONG labor.  Very professional and would recommend to anyone who chooses a natural birth or one with more interventions."
- S.L. Oakland, Ca


"Susi is an excellent listener and is very non-judgmental. While many doulas seem to have an "agenda", Susi supported all of our choices along the way and really listened to our needs."
- S.M. San Francisco, Ca


For more testimonials visit my Yelp page, Doula Susi