Pre & Postnatal Massage

"Her massage skills were a phenomenal bonus, and helped me tremendously with a pulled muscle in my back (from getting up while having a contraction), and with pubic bone/sacral pain." - E.N. Oakland

Prenatal massage can help ease pregnancy pains by increased relaxation to facilitate healthy circulation to the uterus that can improve fetal development, relieve stress and anxiety, increase oxytocin production, decrease pelvic pain/strain and backache.

Postnatal massage can help with after birth pains for example pelvic ligament and joint strain and pain, pelvic floor tenderness or repair, elimination of excess fluid, residual medications, emotional adjustment, strain of childcare on stretched, weak or imbalanced joints and muscles.

You can enjoy your massage in the comfort of your own home or at my East Bay location.

East Bay Location

300 27th St. Suite 101, Oakland, Ca 94612

Sunday to Friday 9-7pm